The backs of the closets became our bedroom wall

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  1. Ania

    Hi! I’m currently in the process of moving into a loft space, and need to figure out a way to separate the back of it into a bedroom. I saw the same ikea wardrobes and thought they would be great as added storage, but were concerned since the website states that they have to be anchored against a wall. Do you have any issues with them not being against a wall? Did you take any extra measures to “anchor” them? Funnily enough, I had the same idea to cover the back with wallpaper…great minds think alike 😉

    • I don’t have any issues with mine, but mostly that’s because we used such large ones and bolted them all together…I couldn’t push that thing over if I wanted to! If it were only one or two wardrobes, I think it would be problem, but when it becomes one huge structure, it’s pretty permanent! Also, we used the tallest available, so if you are going with shorter ones, it will be even safer than ours. We used the bolts they give you to put them side by side, and then we used additional screws to pull them together in a couple spots. We had to do that because our floor is SO uneven and the wardrobes weren’t lining up the way they are supposed to. If you are on a normal, flat surface, the Ikea bolts should be fine.

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