The window back down to the apartment.

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  1. Laura

    I’ve been browsing apartmenttherapy.com for a long time and this is by far my FAVORITE apartment they’ve ever featured! I am SO impressed with your use of space, color and texture! Kudos! Just looking at your photos made me feel like *I* was at home.

    • That’s the best compliment ever! Thank you. I’ve never been fully content with my living space until now, and although it was really tough to get through, starting from scratch was definitely the way to go.

  2. Anonymous

    hello, great great use of old cabinets and ikea furniture, very creative, loved the tour! one of the best yet!
    please come to my split level and help me decorate!

  3. Lauren

    What an amazing use of space! How did you find so much space in Manhattan?! Is this a rental unit? Was it a steal at that size?! (Apartment searching now, so I am envious of all your square footage) That’s great that the owner gave you so much freedom with making it your own (as far as letting you rip down walls!). An incredible home in NYC!

    • Thanks! We are in Williamsburg and stuck to craigslist postings because that seemed to be only way to find ANYTHING unusual or big. We actually looked at a few places that were a good size and already done, but we picked this one because it was it’s own building and we liked having a house-like loft in that way. The prices were all pretty high, I can’t say it is a steal at all, but the perks are worth it…:-) If you are looking for a cool space, its worth checking out the giraffe lofts in Brooklyn for any openings because for us they were well priced and they are really well done too. The building is a little far from actual subway stops but it’s not far away from fun neighborhoods like so many other affordable lofts these days.

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