DIY Wedding: And The Best Part Is….

This sweet floral print will look great with the guys who are wearing checked shirts with gray ties!

“You can totally wear it again!”   We’ve all heard it, but 99% of us have never worn it again.  I’m talking about bridesmaids dresses and for our wedding, I really did make an effort to stick to that promise!   I decided to DIY the girls’ dresses to save everyone some money.   I knew I could make a simple dress that would truly look good on everyone for 60 dollars a piece versus the average 100-250.   I picked a cotton voile print and lined them in broadcloth.  The pattern is very simple to change per measurements and I designed a dress that really does look good on everyone.    The dress is a simple A-line shape with an empire waist to hide big hips, but ties in the back so it can flatter a small waist.   It covers fully for your girls that HAVE to wear a bra and ends just below the knees because not everyone loves theirs after the age of 23!   I should also mention that I do prefer the girl’s wearing a matching dress that they can style anyway they like rather than telling them to wear a particular color.  Call me crazy, but I do like some amount of control.

As a stylist and designer, my advice is this; Don’t fool yourself!  NO one will wear a solid colored taffeta dress again even if it is from J.Crew.   Choose something more casual like cotton, washed silk, a print or even something amazing from Anthropologie….or just don’t lie to yourself and go ahead and make them buy that ugly dress for you!   😉


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2 responses to “DIY Wedding: And The Best Part Is….

  1. keldoo

    You are brilliant and practical! LOVE this so much!

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