DIY Wedding: Personalized Wine Bottles

Jeff and I decided to buy our own wedding wine (at a whopping 36 dollars a case), and change the labels to match our other picnic packaging.  Ok…SO…it’s really just a way to hide how cheap our booze is, but it sure is pretty too!   All you have to do is soak your bottles in room temperature water for a few hours or overnight and scrape off the old labels.   Scrub off any sticky residue with a soapy sponge or scrubby brush.  Design and print your new labels on 8 1/2 x 11 sticky paper, cut them out and stick them onto the dry bottles.  Additionally, we went over the Chardonnay labels with a clear contact paper so the printing won’t run when the bottles are on ice.   This is a great “do far ahead” project for a wedding, party or even an event where you want to advertise on the labels and resell glasses for a lot more than it’s worth!  😉


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3 responses to “DIY Wedding: Personalized Wine Bottles

  1. The cutest, cutest, cutest labels ever. Ever.

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  3. Una

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