Our Brilliant Wedding Photographer

I am very lucky to call Channing Johnson, our amazing Boston-based wedding photographer, a friend for 15 years.   I think we all knew he’d do something special with his life (he was that cool, aloof guy that had a car and a license before the rest of us), and he has certainly lived up to that.   Because he was trained as a photojournalist, his wedding photography feels raw, real and unplanned.  Somehow, even the staged portraits seem like they were captured without us knowing.   In fact, Jeff and I couldn’t even remember seeing him anywhere until 7pm, when he asked if it was cool to put the camera down to join the party.  Somehow, he had blended effortlessly into the action, all the while snapping the most beautiful photos we have ever seen.   Thank you Johnson.

Check out his blog for his post about our wedding, and be sure to watch the slide show at the end for even more photos of our DIY picnic wedding!


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2 responses to “Our Brilliant Wedding Photographer

  1. Jenna

    I found a link to your blog through an xojane article and have enjoyed poking through your archives, especially this post with the fantastic wedding shots – Channing was my wedding photographer too, and he is amazing! A belated congrats, and what a gorgeous wedding!

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