My Favorite Christmas Charity: Operation Santa


James Farley Post Office on 8th Ave. This is OSC Headquarters for New York City and this is where you pick up your letters Monday-Saturday between 10am and 4pm.


When you sign in to get a letter or letters, you show your picture ID and sign a form assuring Santa that you will not send a child something inappropriate.

Operation Santa Claus is something I’ve always wanted to participate in and I’m so excited to finally be helping this year.    As an adult believer in Santa (yeah…REALLY),  I think it’s important to help him with his work during the holidays so every child, regardless of wealth, can hold onto their faith in magic.   I wanted to share our experience in detail with you so you can see how easy it is to personally help a child in need this season, especially after hurricane Sandy.  With so many children homeless and in need, Santa can’t possibly fulfill everyone’s whole wish list this year.

The post office receives thousands of letters to Santa each year and after they forward them onto him at the North Pole, he sends back some of the ones that he needs some extra help with.    As an individual, you can go to the post office in your area designated for Operation Santa (find your branch here).  When you get there, you check in with a photo ID and then read through a batch of letters to choose from.  They gave Jeff ten different ones at the New York City branch and you can take as many as you can help with.


After you get your 10 letters, you sit down in a reading area to pick which one or ones that you will help Santa with. Jeff suggests bringing a tissue or two with you too!

These kids aren’t asking for a new Xbox or an iPad…their requests are quite humble and you can choose based on what you think you can afford.   You then buy the gift or gifts, wrap them up and put them in a box and take them back to the post office.  The letters are anonymous and numbered so the postal elves can keep track of where the gifts should go when you come back with your gifts.   That’s it.  It’s that easy!   I can’t express just how wonderful it feels to personally help Santa this year.  It’s been a rough season for a lot of people on the east coast and I know it can’t be easy to be the big guy right now.

Any sort of donation or charitable giving this time of year is very important but this operation somehow feels a lot more personal to me and I hope this shows you how easy it is to get a letter and get involved!

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