A Quick Bathroom Makeover

When we closed escrow on our rental house, I wanted to make changes in each room to make it more “ours” without a lot of fuss or money.  Our bathroom was redone cheaply in the early 90’s and it is definitely on the top of our list for a major makeover, but we aren’t ready for that kind of expense quite yet, especially with a $10,000 fence somewhere on the horizon.   I decided to give it a quick makeover to tide us over until we could redo the whole thing with new flooring, tile, sinks and hardware.  


The current cabinets are cheapo white ones and the floors are fake…oak?…

Since it probably won’t be in this state for very long, I thought it would be fun to do something very trendy with it.  That way, I wouldn’t be attached to it by the time we want to rip everything out and redo it properly.   I ended up with a very modern…gosh I hate the word “hip”, but it is that…look.  While I’m excited to have gorgeous tile floors one day with brass fixtures and a big soaking tub, my quick makeover has definitely helped me to put it off a little longer!

I painted the walls in a soft gray, wallpapered with a custom mural, added an Ikea makeup mirror to the wall, and changed the towels.

I created a mural style wallpaper in Photoshop and had it printed by Spoonflower. It’s repositionable so it will be easy to remove. The towels and shower curtain are from CB2.  I added hooks to replace the single towel bar that was on the wall before.   Personally, I’m not a big fan of towel bars in a bathroom for 4!

I had seen people use “real” rugs in bathrooms all over Pinterest, so I got a cheap one from Overstock and I love that it’s not a standard bath mat!

Hey! 😉 I guess I thought the wallpaper would be a fun spot for people to take selfies at my parties…but no one has yet!

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  1. Wow – what a huge difference – I LOVE the mural. It makes the room.

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