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Cheeky Modern Baby Shower for a Girl

IMG_0076I jumped on the opportunity to throw my friend’s baby shower when I found out it was a girl.  I usually strive for unisex in all things baby until their preference is obvious, but honestly, I wanted to tackle this girly party because I love a good challenge!   I break out in an itchy rash whenever I see the “girl” aisle in the toy store even though I totally loved it as a kid.  Now that I’m a parent, I’m definitely more sensitive to the gender specific stuff.   Rather than give into the unisex themes, I thought it would be more fun to go straight at the stereotype with a tongue-in-cheek uber-girly party with all kitschy vintage teenage girl details.  Think pink foam hair rollers, 60’s prom dresses, pleather diaries with locks…you get the idea.  Since my friend is a fellow North Carolinian , the theme also accidentally took on a 60’s Southern belle vibe! Continue reading

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