falling in love with new york (if it doesn’t kill me first)

When people talk about New York City, it almost seems like an old friend.

“I love New York.”

“I visit New York a lot.”

“That’s New York for you…”

I have to admit that I have never connected with the city in that way.  It is not an old friend, though it has been the home of many of mine whom I love to visit, but I would never have thought to make it my own.   I’ve always felt controlled by some unnatural force in this place.   For example, if I’d like to stroll one day and that is not a “strolling” day for the rest of the city, then I am out of luck, and rushing it is.    If the weather is bad and everyone is in a bad mood, I will also be in a bad mood, because they will be shouting at me, or pushing me, or honking, or hitting me with their sharp umbrella points.   This is clearly not the place for a waving-to-strangers type of southern girl.

But now it is my home.  Yes, you read that right.  I have moved to Brooklyn from Los Angeles with my lovely boyfriend because he got a promotion and needed to be closer to his family.

When everything went down, and the decision was made, I decided it was an adventure.  It was an opportunity to figure out why this place seems to be everyone’s favorite city.   It was a chance to explore, to start over, to have seasons, and to fall in love with New York.

I’m sure that one day this will happen, but so far,  it has only rejected me…

I have spent the last two months fighting to renovate our garage/loft apartment, and everyday  something goes terribly wrong.  My nerves are shot, I am homesick,  and I have no idea what I’m doing in this place.

I am still hoping that I will find the greatness of the city, but for now, I can only handle one project at a time.


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11 responses to “falling in love with new york (if it doesn’t kill me first)

  1. Andrea

    I have no doubt you guys will totally rock New York. I sincerely look forward to reading about your journey.

    Also: the title of your blog (and its presentation) is quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve read (and seen) in a long time. Kudos.

  2. NYC has pockets that are very calm and cool. Unfortunately, you have to learn when off peak time of travel is. Then you can make it to your destination with no problem. Don’t worry, you’ll make it here kid

  3. Philibuster

    no photo credit?

  4. I think you’re going to LURVE New York and I’m so living vicariously. The food is terrific. The conversation is great. And I find it a very inspiring city to be in. What’s not to love? I would totally live there if I could. In fact, I was planning to move there if I didn’t get into grad school!

  5. Aya

    awww – hang in there love! Also my totally kick ass (albeit a little weirdo) bestest friend in the whole wide world Anna lives in Brooklyn and you guys would TOTALLY get along… I am going to introduce you guys over e mail 🙂

  6. Jeffrey

    Yes, but that was a really good pizza

  7. Jaclyn

    Love that you are blogging about this experience! It’s fantastic…
    congrats on the move, and all the hard work you’re putting in to make your house a home

  8. Sarah

    I love you and am so glad you are here. I know things have been rough and not the most picture perfect start, but I hope that things will settle down and that you will soon feel at home and comfortable here. Its hard when everyone tells you “you should like/love” something but you don’t feel it… being homesick sucks, but I hope you will feel at home soon. I’m so glad to have you and Jeff just across the river.

    The blog looks beautiful and is already a great read.

  9. lynze

    oh my loves…. how i envy you!! believe it or not, reading this makes me wish i were doing the same exact thing, right now!! crazy, i know, but much like my pal ‘D’, i love a good challenge. hang in there, the pay off is well worth it!! you are doing fab work and i am both happy and proud of you both : )

  10. Claire

    Wow! I love that you guys are doing what I have often thought would be awesome to do but sounds so intimidating… The work will pay off, spring will come, furniture will be unpacked, and it will start to feel like a house and then a home. I think after your interior space starts to come together, it will help give you the energy to explore the exterior and get to know the city… Good luck and hang in there.

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