Simply Beautiful Co-ed Shower

OK….truthfully, I can’t take any credit for the contents of this post.   This co-ed shower was thrown for Jeff and me by our good friends in Los Angeles, but I thought the ideas were great and worth sharing anyway!   Co-ed showers are perfect for people who can’t stomach the classic separate boy/girl-ness of weddings or having babies or for those of us with just as many opposite sex friends as same-sex friends.

Strawberry jam favors were stamped and monogrammed and a "D" and "J". So sweet.

And honestly…I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving out my future husband, bridesmen or guy friends just to sit around with a group of women feeling uncomfortable about NOT being a girlie-girl!    This beautiful Southern luncheon was the perfect compromise for us.   You can never be too grateful for a group of friends who really understand who you are as a couple.  Thanks again to Sallie, Kalimba and Ernessa! 


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2 responses to “Simply Beautiful Co-ed Shower

  1. Jeffrey

    And thanks to Justin, and Christian while we’re being co-ed!

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