getting closer

When you have no money, you have to keep your sense of humor!

Eventually, less horrible things happened daily with the loft.   We started calling it an “apartment” rather than “the garage” and the list had less big projects and more little tedious things that were welcomed by me as a much-needed change.   I was ready to figure out where to put that giant toothbrush from a 1950’s dentist’s office and too beat to do anything else.   It was great.   But in case you were sort of enjoying the drama of it all, don’t worry, we still have two pretty huge disasters coming your way soon… and a gleaming recommendation for Roto-Rooter.   🙂


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3 responses to “getting closer

  1. Jeffrey

    You forgot to mention that the pink was supposed to be on the inside side of the bathroom door, but it turned out to be a fortunate mistake, like when the people at Ivory accidentally made their soap buoyant.

  2. I didn’t know that about Ivory soap. Why is that fortunate though?? So you never lose it?

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