MISSION “Get Out of Creative Funk”

This was the last time I was in a funk and had a rule to work on 5 things a day, no matter what. I ended up sketching freely from animal photography and coming up with some great images for linocut prints of animals. Hoping for inspiration again!

Sometimes when I can’t come up with anything to make (or am uninspired to do so) for my online store,  I make funny little rules for myself to help get out of the funk.  Rules like, make 5 things a day no matter how small or, I have to make small things for 4 hours, do yoga, eat lunch and then work on longer term projects for 5.   It’s worked for me in the past,  and eventually I get out of the funk because it forces me to loosen up a bit, so I’m going to try it again.   You can follow the progress in the MAKE section of the blog.  I will update at the end of each day.   Hopefully, by writing this, I will feel even more responsible to complete the mission.

The rule for this round of creative funk:  I have to make 2 things to sell a day and work on 3 others.

Wish me luck!


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2 responses to “MISSION “Get Out of Creative Funk”

  1. Marie

    Love the chicken, have you seen my chicken paintings on facebook?

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