“Mission” is Dead.

Though I promise to keep you posted on things I’m working on, I think the “Mission: Make 5 Things a Day” is officially dead.   I know, that was fast!   This tends to happen to me a lot.  For instance, while attempting my mission, I also had a personal goal to clean one area of the apartment everyday so that Jeff and I could finally have our weekends totally and completely off.  Turns out it is really difficult to write, make five things, do yoga, make dinner and clean a giant loft everyday.   Silly Delia.

So, here are some things I’ve been working on:

And as far as the cleaning goes, Jeff and I have agreed to do it together every night after dinner.  This is working well so far!  We broke the place into five areas and for two people, it only takes about 30 to 40 minutes each night to dust, sweep and mop.   This weekend will be our first ever in three years without cleaning, so I’ll let you know how that feels.  🙂  I know Jeff will be very happy!


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4 responses to ““Mission” is Dead.

  1. Yeah that was a bit ambitious. But I love the jumper!

  2. Merav

    Honestly, why can’t we ever live in the same city anymore. I want to play with you on my days off.

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