Update On The Great Dig of 2010

Jeff moved everything out of my office to prepare for the workers.

I failed to update everyone on the main line dig that happened while I was out of town working, so let me catch you up.   It seems that Jeff’s idea to tent around the area where they would be jack hammering didn’t work as well as hoped.   After they

finished, which was luckily in one day, the place was coated in a fine layer of cement dust.    Knowing my need for complete cleanliness at all times,  he spent a lot of time trying to get it all up before I got home.

"X" marks the spot for the dig!

While the guys were down there, they discovered that the pipe was probably separated for a long time and no water from the roof or from our apartment has made it to the sewer since it has been broken.   That means that our building is basically resting on a swamp, and the floor has been sinking in because of it.   I am glad to have it fixed before I found myself several feet down in a sink hole in my office one particularly rainy day…

We are crossing our fingers that everything is okay now and we haven’t had a flood since before the dig.

See the dust around the hole? That was EVERYWHERE in the apartment!

The only horrible thing to come out of the repair is the type of cement they filled the hole with.  It is more like a really rough sidewalk than a smooth garage floor. Cat hair is stuck to it and it ruins our broom and mop every time we try to clean it.   My dad suggested smoothing it out with a slick cement, but I really can’t imagine doing anything else to this place right now aside from getting some lawn chairs and beer holders up on my roof!


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3 responses to “Update On The Great Dig of 2010

  1. lanvy

    Yuk! They filled your hole with asphalt??! You could use quick concrete and then paint over it with wet concrete paint.

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