For Parents and Entertainers

I was just inspired by Andrea to share this little idea, who likes “Save Your Money – Buy Our Groceries”, but doesn’t think that lack of variety would work for her family.  Totally understood.  It is truly not for everyone.  However, I remembered how well this menu worked for us when my family (with a 9 year old) came to stay for the week.   The idea is simple and helps a lot with wasted food and money.   Before they came, we thought up a few breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks for the week.   We made sure that we only bought exactly what we wrote down, and kept each meal at exact proportions so there wouldn’t be a ton of leftovers, but enough that each dinner could work for two nights.   The best part was writing it all down like a little cafe sign and letting my nephew choose each day what he wanted.  The novelty of it made him forget that there weren’t a ton of different things, and he LOVED being able to choose based on what was written down.   Limiting options but presenting them in a fun way saved us a lot of money and stress.


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3 responses to “For Parents and Entertainers

  1. That rules! Thank you SO much for sharing!! I think that as Avi gets older he would also love to be included in the weekly planning process, since he enjoys shopping and “cooking” with us. I love the idea of simplifying the options, though. Helps with both finances and five year olds!

  2. rebekkaseale

    Ummmm….your blog is AMAZING!!!


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