Tonight, I will post about groceries, but until then, I will shamelessly plug my apartment again.  We have 24 hours left of voting and I am sad to say that even with hundreds of Facebook friends, and many annoying emails, we were only able to get 176 votes.   This is shocking since I am sure that more people would come to, say, our wedding.  And this is way easier…but maybe you don’t understand why this is so important to us?   We don’t know either, but let me tell you, a little validation feels REALLY important right now, so we’re just going with that.


Take a moment and get everyone in your office to vote for us today! Then, I will stop bothering you and post more interesting things about food and craft.


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2 responses to “Shameless

  1. keldoo

    I posted to my Facepage, lady. Hope my virtual pals throw you a bone & you get in the top. AND WIN! Just love this space & the transformation….

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