DIY Wedding: Let the Madness Begin!


I am definitely not a diamond girl. I am a BIG TIME Cartier Love Collection girl, though...

Jeff and I are engaged!  We are on a tight budget, and being a creative person (ahem…control freak), I will be doing most of the stuff myself.  I plan on taking you through the whole process step by step in case there are other brides out there getting married next fall who want to see how I go about planning and crafting my wedding.   Feel free to pass on helpful info if you did your own too.  But for now, here is the proposal and the ring!    (Note: I have a rule that Jeff isn’t allowed to buy me technology before we are married because it is impersonal.  BUT, I admit that I forgot this rule when I saw this box on the coffee table…) got me a new super awesome computer?! What's the occasion? I've been kind of a bitch this week....surely I don't deserve THIS...

What?! No computer?! Is that a Cartier box???

YES! YES it IS a Cartier box! But...where is the computer???

Yes, we are geeks. Yes, Jeff's proposal involved tricking me with a computer box. But there is NOTHING nerdy about Cartier!




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3 responses to “DIY Wedding: Let the Madness Begin!

  1. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read about the magic, mystery and mayhem that goes into your wedding!

  2. keldoo

    DUDE! What a thoughtful, fun guy to propose this way. Clearly, he’s a catch, as are you. I can’t wait to see the stuff you come up with as you plan your big day!

  3. Anonymous

    OH MY GOD!!!!! This is how I’m hearing the story!!!! So incredibly, amazingly, infinitely happy for you guys!

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