DIY Wedding: What I know I know

It’s early, but I already know certain things that we want for our wedding.   I know this year will fly by, so it’s important to get it out as soon as it’s decided.   That way I can focus on how to make each piece come together.

Once Wed is the perfect resource for young, cool (we think so), non-traditional couples!

So far, Once Wed is my favorite site for ideas because the weddings they feature are most like Jeff and myself, and still really elegant even when they are playful!

Here is what I know I know about our wedding:

Sack races are a MUST!

Theme: Field Day.  I want a picnic wedding with matching blankets strewn across an open field with make your own picnic lunch food.  Games, elegant carnival style decorations, face painting and general all day playing.

Location: I’d like to find a vacation rental rather than an actual wedding location so we can rent it for a week and offer the land to our friends for camping and partying (and helping us with the wedding set up…).  This also allows us to have more control over the budget by bringing our own booze and food.

The Dress: I can’t talk about this on my blog much, but let’s just say I have a really good idea of what I want and I will probably make it myself.  I can say that however casual or playful my wedding sounds, it won’t be a casual dress.  😉

Our Rings: Luckily, we already know what we want.  This is my wedding band, and Jeff will either get the Cartier Love ring to match mine or size down a ring I bought him years ago that he wears everyday.

The Cake: My dad will make it!  It will be white (no formal fondant here!) and hopefully it will be decorated with glaceed figs, clementines and apricots.  Here is the hopeful topper!


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2 responses to “DIY Wedding: What I know I know

  1. Mary Mondrick

    Just let me know as soon as you’ve got the date/site. Can’t wait. Let me know if I can be of any help. I’m a good worker bee so put me to work. Love you guys.

  2. LOVE the resort/picnic ideas you have. And fondant is super gross. Everybody likes to look at it, but nobody likes to eat it. Good on ya, lady!

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