DIY Wedding: Sparkly Flower Crown

Although our big day is going to be pretty casual by wedding standards (a picnic with field day games and face painting), I still really want to be able to “look like a bride”.   I found a compromise with this flower crown I made yesterday, combining the idea of a casual headpiece with something really special and luxurious.   I don’t have a good set of DIY instructions for this, as I was merely winging it, but if you have a good eye and some basic jewelry making skills, you can easily create your own crown! 

1.  Collect your stuff.  I shopped in downtown LA in the jewelry district and at Forever 21 for anything I could take apart with flowers, bugs, and leaves.   I went the cheap route, but you could also shop on Ebay for estate lots of vintage brooches, earrings and necklaces to take apart.  It helps to lay everything out at the store before you buy things you won’t use.  Discard anything that is too big, jumps out too much in the collection or looks too cheap and crappy.

2. Use wire cutters to separate the parts you want from the parts you don’t, and remove any pin backs or excess loops from the individual pieces.

3. Cover a metal headband with ribbon using E6000 glue.

4.  Lay out your loot in a line and arrange and rearrange until you’re happy.

5.  Wire everything together and onto the headband.  Use 14k gold fill wire because its extra shiny and blends well with all the sparkle, not to mention it’s better quality and it is your wedding after all!  This part can get tricky, trying to figure out where to put the wire on some of the items, but be patient and get creative!


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4 responses to “DIY Wedding: Sparkly Flower Crown

  1. sallie

    really interesting… the ladybugs became the “pop” you were looking for all along. so beautiful!

    • I know! And the large flowers from stupid old F21 really helped to keep it in the flower-crown-world rather than just bugs and leaves. I’m so happy with it, and so happy it’s all done!

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  3. Can you tell me the gauge wire you used? I am trying to make one but dont want to buy the wrong kind. Thank you very much

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