DIY Wedding: Welcome Bags

Set aside a little time to make welcome bags for each room in your wedding block because there is nothing better than getting those special little treats when you check in at the hotel as a guest!  We saved money by using left over linen and twill tape from our invitations, but you can always buy bags, chinese take out boxes or tins for yours.  I stitched the simple bags together quickly and we stamped each with a picnic basket.  We chose to roll the edge and staple it, like a brown bag lunch, instead of spending a ton of time adding drawstrings to each.   We are filling ours with water, chips, sweets and a map of the area but you can fill welcome bags with anything you’d like, just remember to be generous because your friends and family have traveled far to be there on your big day!


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2 responses to “DIY Wedding: Welcome Bags

  1. DUDE! These are adorable! And I love that you have practical contents.

  2. Jeff

    Everybody outside of the room block will be jealous.

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