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Easy Kid-Made Valentines!

IMG_6716I used to love making little Valentines for my classmates and I distinctly remember refusing to hand out store-bought ones several times.   My mom probably just didn’t want to spend money on all of the supplies I needed to make them (and who could blame her), but denying an art-loving child their opportunity to make something is a pointless battle!  Since I became a parent, I have tried to teach George, and someday Fred as well, that handmade gifts, handwritten cards or even just proper Thank You notes are important and valued.  What better way to show you care about someone than giving them something that took some thought or time?   That being said, asking a toddler with little to no fine motor skills to make something for Valentine’s Day is obviously not realistic.  Last year, I figured out something that we could make together for his classmates and he loved it!  Continue reading

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On the 11th Day of Christmas…Craft!


I can’t count how many times someone asked me where they can find a good ugly Christmas sweater this year.  Um… Hello?!  Get a hot glue gun and make one or better yet, make something just as tacky that’s actually original!   Take for instance this crown I made for my Christmas party…equal parts delightful and hideous.   I cut antler shapes out of heavy chipboard and coated them liberally in 24k gold glass glitter (and then prayed it didn’t blind me half way through the party).  I hot glued them with some jingle bells, shiny balls, and plastic glitter pine needles (all from Michael’s) to sparkly gold elastic.   When I put it on the first the time, there were gaps between the stuff where the elastic stretched…so I just hot glued more stuff to the other stuff to fill it in!  Boom.  Done.   But for Pete’s sake, if you do go with a store-bought ugly sweater, don’t buy the sexy fitted one…it really defeats the point and kills the whole funny thing.

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Cute DIY Birth Announcements

George's stats: Name, birth date (on the calendar), Gemini, weight (5lb. sack of flour plus 2 lbs. 14 oz. on the scale), time, and length (the ruler).

George’s stats: Name, birth date (on the calendar), Gemini, weight (5 lb. sack of flour plus 2 lbs. 14 oz. on the scale), time, and length (the ruler).

We got our idea for George’s birth announcement from an adorable and popular pin on Pinterest.   We spent two of his naps setting everything up on our dining room table, checking the lighting and camera and then we gingerly lowered him into the photo before he woke up to eat!  It was such a fun project for us to do in those early weeks, so it got me thinking about other cute birth announcements you could accomplish in your own home without a professional there to help.   Here are some other ideas from Pinterest! Continue reading


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DIY Wedding: Welcome Bags

Set aside a little time to make welcome bags for each room in your wedding block because there is nothing better than getting those special little treats when you check in at the hotel as a guest!  We saved money by using left over linen and twill tape from our invitations, but you can always buy bags, chinese take out boxes or tins for yours.  I stitched the simple bags together quickly and we stamped each with a picnic basket.  We chose to roll the edge and staple it, like a brown bag lunch, instead of spending a ton of time adding drawstrings to each.   We are filling ours with water, chips, sweets and a map of the area but you can fill welcome bags with anything you’d like, just remember to be generous because your friends and family have traveled far to be there on your big day!


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