Baby Showerstravaganza!

I’ve been away in California throwing two baby showers (which is why my blog has been inactive for a bit)!   One was a casual co-ed shower for a boy and the other was a more traditional shower for a girl.   I admit that I’m far from traditional, so when I realized that I would have to come up with games for the second shower in San Francisco, I freaked out a little!    I stuck with sentimental and old-fashioned ideas instead of the cheesy stuff I found online and everything went over brilliantly.   Here’s the breakdown of each shower’s theme, menu, and activities so you can steal, borrow and re-purpose! 

Co-ed Baby Shower for a Boy

  • Theme- Bright, Cheery, Mexican Fiesta
  • Food/Drink- Taco Bar, Guacamole with Chips, Beef Croquettes, Chocolate Strawberries, Cookies, Sangria, Natural Citrus Sodas
  • Colors- Lush Purples, Deep Pinks and Reds with Pops of Silver
  • Decor- Tissue Paper Medallions
  • Favors- Succulents tied with raffia
  • Activities/Group Gift- Alphabet Baby Quilt Station: We provided calico prints, paints and fabric markers for each person to create a letter for the baby quilt.  They pinned everything on and I took it home to applique and sew it all together!    Wishing Tree: Each guest wrote a wish for the baby or couple on a little tag and hung it on a money tree for the nursery.

Traditional Baby Shower for a Girl (thrown by non-traditional friends!)

  • Theme – “Bookish”: Classic Children’s Books, Vintage Flash Cards and Classic School Details
  • Food/Drinks – Grilled Cheese Bar with Soup, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Apple Crisp Spiked Punch, Natural Citrus Sodas
  •  Colors – Vintage Pastels with Lots of Cute Prints and Patterns
  • Decor- Paper Bunting made from old books, printouts of classic book illustrations and cute patterns and prints
  • Favors- Bag of Vintage Candy with Two Personalized Pencils
  • Activity/ Group Gift- Alphabet Baby Quilt Station: This was the same as the other shower, but with a completely different vibe and color palette based on the mom’s theme for the nursery.
  • Games- Nursery Rhyme Match Up: match the title to one verse (we made this very hard, using verses rarely heard from older rhymes) and Birthday Card Station: We provided a birthday card for every year of the baby’s life from 1 to 21 and had each person fill one out with advice, stories or wishes for that year of life.


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