Bridal Shower Community Scrapbook

Coming up with activities for any shower can be a humongous headache, especially if you want to do something you know the guest of honor hasn’t seen a million times at other showers.  I love this scrapbook idea for a bridal shower because it doubles as a fun activity and sentimental gift!   Everyone at the shower brings their favorite photos of themselves with the bride for the “past” section, then each take a photo on the day for the “present”, and finally you provide pens for them to fill out the “future” wishes section.   I bought an album that I could add pages to, carved my own rubber stamps, printed the wishes on heavy card stock and created enough pages for each woman at the shower to have their own.   Easy Peasy!     

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  1. shindigeventskelli

    YOU ARE SUCH A SMARTY. I love this.

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