Community Baby Quilt

Here’s a quick post to show you how the community baby quilts turned out from the April baby showers.   Giving 30 people a block regardless of artistic ability could spiral into something pretty ugly, but if you carefully control what people are allowed to use to make their block, it will turn out adorable no matter what.   (And as the putter-together of it all, you could also tweak things a bit to make it look a little better too! ;-))


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3 responses to “Community Baby Quilt

  1. Kalimba

    SO flippin’ cute!!!!

  2. Alpine

    did you give everyone the squares to make sure they were the same size, or just send out instructions with dimensions? I trying to put together a quilt for a friend that’s having a baby. There are about 50 people who want to contribute and I don’t know if I should provide the base or let them choose their own fabric… And I don’t know what size to make the squares.

    • Hi! These were done at a baby shower, so I provided the correct sized square along with the scrap colored fabrics. The size of each square totally depends on the number of people involved. A baby quilt is usually anywhere from 36″x 48″ to 45″x 60″, so you would have to figure out the best size to get 50 squares or rectangles to fit within your quilt dimensions. If you could do 49 squares instead of 50, you could easily do 7 blocks x 7 blocks at about 6″ x 7.5″ each (be sure to add seam allowance though!) for a total quilt size of 42″ x 52.5″. I recently did one where we mailed the white squares with different calico fabrics and pins and asked each person to cut and pin a specific fruit or vegetable and mail it back to be stitched together. I suggest controlling the fabric as much as possible, from the backing to the appliques, because without some control, you will most definitely end up with one hot mess of a baby quilt! Even allowing paint and paint pens on the two quilts featured here was a stretch, especially since kids were invited to both showers…I ended up having to cover up some pretty large paint spills with fabric! I don’t recommend it. 😉 Hope this helps!

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