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Easy Kid-Made Valentines!

IMG_6716I used to love making little Valentines for my classmates and I distinctly remember refusing to hand out store-bought ones several times.   My mom probably just didn’t want to spend money on all of the supplies I needed to make them (and who could blame her), but denying an art-loving child their opportunity to make something is a pointless battle!  Since I became a parent, I have tried to teach George, and someday Fred as well, that handmade gifts, handwritten cards or even just proper Thank You notes are important and valued.  What better way to show you care about someone than giving them something that took some thought or time?   That being said, asking a toddler with little to no fine motor skills to make something for Valentine’s Day is obviously not realistic.  Last year, I figured out something that we could make together for his classmates and he loved it!  Continue reading

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A Train Car Birthday Party!

A train car at Travel Town Museum!

It wasn’t difficult to pick the theme or location for G’s 4th birthday party this year because he is SOOOO into trains right now!   He has to be holding some sort of toy train, train photo, train sticker or train book at all times and at the dinner table, they are allowed to sit and “watch” us eat from a short distance.   He even sleeps with them the way most children would sleep with a beloved stuffed animal.  It’s amazing. Continue reading


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