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Simply Wonderful Tomato Soup

IMG_0648There’s just something about homemade tomato soup in the winter (yes, even in LA) that warms me to my toes.  I was never a fan of the canned stuff growing up, but real tomato soup is the perfect accompaniment to almost anything.  When my friend served us this family recipe one night last year, I was blown away by how perfect it was and I’ve been making it two to three times a month since that dinner!  Her recipe is a little creamy, a little tangy and a little spicy.   It also freezes well which has been a lifesaver during busy months.  I recommend pairing it with a grilled pimento cheese sandwich or sweet corn muffins!  Continue reading


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It’s My Birthday…Time for Lemon Velvet!

Time for my 2nd annual Lemon Velvet recipe post!  This has been my birthday dessert ever since I was able to express my opinion.  So…for a really long time.   It is trashy, easy, and quite possibly one of the most delicious things you will ever eat.  I’ve tried a fancier version of this with real whipped cream and homemade lemon pudding but it honestly couldn’t hold a candle to my mom’s original recipe.

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