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“Stalwart” INDEED!

DSCN0319It has been awhile…and here’s why…we MOVED!  AGAIN!  BACK TO LOS ANGELES!   Jeff got a great job offer and we took our chance to get back to the west coast where grass and trees will be plentiful for our baby boy.   Since I last wrote, I have been flying, searching for houses, packing, moving, unpacking and decorating yet again.   Needless to say, it’s been a really crazy year for us.   You know how “they” say that some of the top causes of stress are changing a job, having a baby and moving?  WELL…We’ve done all of those, plus an additional move, in only 10 months!  So…We. Are. Tired.

I can’t express how lucky we feel though, to have found this perfect rental house in the middle of LA at the very last second.  It feels like being on vacation everyday.  It is simply PERFECT for us right now and we can’t wait until it’s more consistently warm outside so we can really enjoy the outdoor area in the evenings.   I approached the interior design differently than before, since the house is old and Spanish instead of new and modern like the New York apartment.  I had to look at each piece of furniture and artwork in a new way to make it mesh better with the space and I wanted to keep most of the walls white for light, using paint only as an accent in a few of the rooms.   How about I stop writing and get to the photos!? Continue reading


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The New Apartment!

From the front door.  The kitchen, living room and dining room are an open floor plan.

From the front door. The kitchen, living room and dining room are an open floor plan.

When Jeff and I found out we were pregnant, we knew we would have to leave our labor-of-love garage loft for a more practical apartment with doors so we wouldn’t constantly worry about the cats sleeping on top of the baby.

Our new view is spectacular!

Our new view is spectacular!

While we realized newborns could be brought up pretty much anywhere, the building was extremely loud from the scrap metal business on either side and sometimes even crumbling a little from the rumbling!  It was time to move on and so we began the epic search for a New York City apartment.  Nothing would be 1,400 square feet with a 1,400 square foot rooftop, but something great would come up…right??  WELL…It took a lot longer than either of us could have ever predicted, but we finally settled on a condo that couldn’t possibly be more unlike the garage! Continue reading


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