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The New Apartment!

From the front door.  The kitchen, living room and dining room are an open floor plan.

From the front door. The kitchen, living room and dining room are an open floor plan.

When Jeff and I found out we were pregnant, we knew we would have to leave our labor-of-love garage loft for a more practical apartment with doors so we wouldn’t constantly worry about the cats sleeping on top of the baby.

Our new view is spectacular!

Our new view is spectacular!

While we realized newborns could be brought up pretty much anywhere, the building was extremely loud from the scrap metal business on either side and sometimes even crumbling a little from the rumbling!  It was time to move on and so we began the epic search for a New York City apartment.  Nothing would be 1,400 square feet with a 1,400 square foot rooftop, but something great would come up…right??  WELL…It took a lot longer than either of us could have ever predicted, but we finally settled on a condo that couldn’t possibly be more unlike the garage! Continue reading


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Our Magical Woodland Nursery

IMG_8003We finally finished our magical woodland nursery and I am absolutely in love!   Rather than forcing the typical gender stereotypes (I mean…I don’t even know this person yet!),  I wanted to create a mostly unisex nursery that encourages a healthy imagination since that’s what I remember most from my own childhood.   We would gather around as my mom told elaborate stories about gnomes and fairies that my brothers and I fully believed and lived.  They were so magical and real to us that I wanted to start my own child’s life out with that same sense of possibility and wonder.    I combined stuffed animal taxidermy with a large painted mural of a magic forest, neutral furniture and the most modern-looking nursery essentials as possible.  I already posted about some of the elements in the room, but the final result below really brings everything together beautifully.  I hope you feel inspired to keep things simple, magical and woodsy for your baby too! Continue reading


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