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On the 11th Day of Christmas…Craft!


I can’t count how many times someone asked me where they can find a good ugly Christmas sweater this year.  Um… Hello?!  Get a hot glue gun and make one or better yet, make something just as tacky that’s actually original!   Take for instance this crown I made for my Christmas party…equal parts delightful and hideous.   I cut antler shapes out of heavy chipboard and coated them liberally in 24k gold glass glitter (and then prayed it didn’t blind me half way through the party).  I hot glued them with some jingle bells, shiny balls, and plastic glitter pine needles (all from Michael’s) to sparkly gold elastic.   When I put it on the first the time, there were gaps between the stuff where the elastic stretched…so I just hot glued more stuff to the other stuff to fill it in!  Boom.  Done.   But for Pete’s sake, if you do go with a store-bought ugly sweater, don’t buy the sexy fitted one…it really defeats the point and kills the whole funny thing.

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