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On the 7th Day of Christmas…Speculaas!

IMG_0449Okay, I’m not gonna lie.  Speculaas cookies are a total b#*@h to make…but you can’t deny it, they are so lovely.   I tend to shy away from things that take a lot of time, but I’ve had my speculaas molds for about 6 years and they were still brand new.  Not anymore!  I did it.  I spent 12 hours pressing, cutting and baking these puppies to ship out to friends.  Now my molds can go back into the cookie cutter drawer for another 6 years until I conveniently forget how tedious they were to make and then I’ll try again!   I know I’m not really selling this to you as a cookie recipe, but what good is winter if not to zen out a whole day and make something completely beautiful in the kitchen?  Continue reading

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