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(Sort of) Handmade Halloween…SPIDER!

While I’m more than willing to spend a lot of time and effort decorating my house for Christmas, for some reason I just can’t get it together for Halloween even though I love a good haunted house.  Usually we just throw a few pumpkins on the porch and then process them after the holiday for pies and soup, but this year I thought I’d try something a little more fun…as long as it was still easy, cheap and fast!   I bought a fairly ugly gigantic spider on Amazon and then basically just made it look a little better with glue and paint.  I love the ridiculous scale of it on the house!  After we hung it, we realized it needed a little something more, so we grabbed some cobwebs from the drugstore and abracadabra, our house is home to pretty creepy monster spider!  Continue reading


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(Sort of) Handmade Halloween

I can’t count how many times people have suggested that Halloween must be my favorite holiday because I have a degree in costume design or that my kids are so lucky to have a parent that can make their costume dreams come true every year.   Maybe it’s just me, but once something is your profession, even if you aren’t currently working, it’s not really something you seek to also do at home!  Around this time of year, I’m always already neck-deep in making Christmas ornaments for my store so Halloween always sneaks up on me!   Despite what people may assume, I am perfectly happy to just BUY a costume if it already looks great or is something I can alter or easily make into something better.   Continue reading

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