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(Sort of) Handmade Halloween

I can’t count how many times people have suggested that Halloween must be my favorite holiday because I have a degree in costume design or that my kids are so lucky to have a parent that can make their costume dreams come true every year.   Maybe it’s just me, but once something is your profession, even if you aren’t currently working, it’s not really something you seek to also do at home!  Around this time of year, I’m always already neck-deep in making Christmas ornaments for my store so Halloween always sneaks up on me!   Despite what people may assume, I am perfectly happy to just BUY a costume if it already looks great or is something I can alter or easily make into something better.   Continue reading

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Toddler Cooking Party…He’s 3!

IMG_3064To say that George loves all things kitchen related would be a ridiculous understatement.  He doesn’t just like “playing” kitchen…he likes using the real stuff, carefully stirring at the stove, watching every single step and trying it out himself.  He even sort of non-verbally lures new guests or friends to lift him onto the counter near the mixer so he can touch it for a while (since he knows Jeff and I won’t).    Obsessed would be a better word to use.

Since George is still mostly non-verbal, we had to guess what theme would be best for his birthday and “cooking” popped into my head as a fun thing for all kids to do!   Here’s how we pulled it off: Continue reading


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