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Ikea Hack: Picture Ledge Book Pockets

IMG_1812Maybe you were like me and thought the Ikea Ribba picture ledges would make adorable bookshelves in your child’s room or nursery…?  Well, they are really cute, but two and half years later, when your child has A LOT of books, I promise that they will constantly fall off into a huge mess on the floor.  Frankly, I started to go crazy picking them up all day long!  I decided to modify our Ribbas with some white mesh to make book pockets that keep them from falling off the shelves.  I love this project because it was really simple and can be a temporary fix that doesn’t mar the ledges!   Instructions and materials after the jump.  Continue reading


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Babies, Scallions and Pudding Pops

puddingThe interesting (er…annoying) thing about nursing a newborn is that you only have a few hours at a time to do anything while they are not eating, and most of that time is spent pumping for the future, changing their diaper or entertaining them.  As a maker and a doer, this has been pretty tough for me, so I started trolling Pinterest for all those quick little projects I’ve always wanted to try out to make me feel like I’m accomplishing something.   Without further ado, I bring you three DIY projects that you can actually finish while nursing a new baby! Continue reading

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