Stop the Magazine Pile Insanity!


From this to THIS!


Magazines are research and inspiration for lots of creative people, but the piles get overwhelming REALLY quickly!   Get into the habit of cutting out everything in your magazines and catalogs that you like, are inspired by, or want to keep.   Put everything into smaller notebooks organized by year and I promise you will use them more in this form than in the magazine itself.   Mine have color combinations, textures and my own sketches and notes.   This way, I don’t get sucked into a whole magazine I already looked at 10 times before.   Do this once a month with all your zines to maintain your de-cluttered lifestyle!

P.S.  Keep clipped recipes in a separate notebook from the one with that YSL bag you might want to splurge on one day!  😉


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6 responses to “Stop the Magazine Pile Insanity!

  1. I love tearing pages out of magazines. Mine get sorted into a file cabinet with each drawer labeled things like Crazy Outfits, Nature, Construction Details, Manly Faces, Lingerie, Food. This satisfies my need to sort as well as my need to keep pretty pictures.

  2. keldoo

    I was just shaming myself yesterday about my 3, count ’em, 3 magazine piles. Oh wait, there’s another on my bedroom floor…Make that 4, OK?

    I used to have a nice accordion file that I would organize my teared pages into but I found that I never dug back into them. I love this idea and am going cute notebook shopping soon…which begs the question. What kind of notebooks do you use? The look like the hardbound variety. Please advise… ; )

    • If you aren’t boycotting Target right now like most of my friends, I get mine there. They are square, hard bound and say “notes” in courier new on the front. I started years ago with this size and brand, so being a little OCD, I won’t change it up.
      However, generally, I’d say hard cover spiral is probably the best way to go, so it has some breathing room. Choose a brand and style that will be there forever so you can be consistent (if you are crazy like me) or buy 10 of them at once! 😉

      • keldoo

        Nice! F that Target boycott. If I were to protest every company that did shady business, why I would be threadbare and starving!!!!

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