TGI Spring: DIY Leather Plant Hanger

I found some awesome DIY plant hangers in a craft book my mom gave from the early 70’s.   I thought this one in particular was the best design, because its super easy to do and holds many different planter sizes and shapes.   It can even be used to hold a vase of flowers!   I’m leaving the measurements open on this project because you can make yours any size, to hold anything from a tiny succulent to a big hanging fern.   Just make sure you cut your hanging straps wider if your plant is particularly heavy.

You will need: 1. medium and/or heavy weight leather- large enough to cut 4 long hanging strips and 1 circle. If you use thick, heavy leather for the circle, you will want a lighter weight leather for the straps because you have to be able to tie tight knots with it. 2. drafting compass with a pencil tip 3. very sharp scissors or an Exacto knife

1. Use your compass to mark the leather with several concentric circles 1/4" to 3/4" apart (totally up to you and the size of your plant around!). 2. Draw four lines through the center, dividing the circle into eight equal wedges.

3. Use your lines as guides to draw your cut lines as shown.

4. Cut using scissors or an Exacto knife.

5. Mark and cut 4 small slits as shown on the outer circle.

6. Cut four hanging straps anywhere from 1/4" to 3/4" wide depending on the weight and size of your plant. They should be at least 2 feet long unless you're making a small hanger.

7. Cut one end of each strap in half about 2 to 3 inches in.

8. Tie the other ends together in a VERY tight knot.

9. Tightly tie the four slashed ends in knots onto the circle through the four small slits.

10. All done! Slip your plant into the center of the circle and hang!

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