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Heirloom Wedding Book

I just finished turning the photographic fabric panels and muslin from one of my best friend’s chuppah into a hardcover book for them to have forever.  Let me begin by saying this gorgeous wedding book wasn’t my idea, I was merely the craftsman in this post, but I always love sharing a beautiful idea.    As you can see from the photos, Sarah and Ryan’s chuppah was a stunning combination of branches, unbleached cotton muslin and white fabric panels printed with photos of their story, from their ancestors to their childhoods to their own new family together.   You could certainly make a quilt out of the panels as a keepsake, but I loved the book idea because it will last a lot longer.   Continue reading

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Our Picnic Wedding

Here they are…the official photos of our big day!  To read more about our DIY wedding year, click here.  We are selling some of our wedding components on Ruffled and links to buy that stuff and all of our vendors are listed at the end of the post.  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the day!


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DIY Wedding: The Week Before (And Lessons Learned)

The "prep crew" enjoying my dad's AMAZING dinner!

As far as weddings go, I’m pretty sure ours was as do-it-yourself as you can get.   I’ve had a few weeks now to think about how it all turned out, so before I post the official photos, I thought I’d share with you how we pulled it off (and some lessons learned). Maybe our experience will help you decide to (or not to) take on your own wedding! Continue reading


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