Our Picnic Wedding

Here they are…the official photos of our big day!  To read more about our DIY wedding year, click here.  We are selling some of our wedding components on Ruffled and links to buy that stuff and all of our vendors are listed at the end of the post.  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the day!

For Sale

metal buckets, buttons, picnic basket centerpieces, paddle balls, chalkboards, wooden games and cards, cake stand and platters, buffet serving utensils and small salt and pepper shakers, bunting, white string lights, plaid and striped runners/napkins, plaid and striped pillows, picnic blankets and tablecloths, gift card box, game signs


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19 responses to “Our Picnic Wedding

  1. I’ll say it again & again….AMAZING. Seriously fun, gorgeous, good times. That’s what it is ALL about, people.

  2. Katja

    hi there!
    i came over from “ruffled” and i am totally stoked. amazing wedding (i am planning on having a picnic wedding myself one day <3) and 100 % respect for all the DIY work. it sounds SO hard but also SO fun. plus: you know your wedding was 100 % you! ❤

    loves from germany,

  3. I love your dress – where can I find details on how you created it?

    • Thank you! I actually didn’t blog about my dress because I didn’t want my husband to see it or any details before the day. I wish I could even begin to explain how I made it….but honestly, it was so complicated I don’t even know where to begin! 😉

      Here’s the basic idea: I started with an under-structure similar to this out of silk twill (boned, but with sweetheart neckline): http://www.etsy.com/listing/82271760/1950s-vintage-slip-dress-strapless-full

      Under that was a simple, straight, attached cotton slip against my legs to protect them from the heavy crinoline that bumped the full circle skirt out. Over that was gathered tulle attached directly to the circle skirt and then the silk satin overlay on the bodice with cut flowers. I sewed some small cut flowers to the tulle directly as well. I know that’s all very vague, but that’s the basic shape and idea!

  4. Anonymous

    I agree your dress it truly amazing!

  5. I love ALL OF IT!! The picnic, the decorations, the food, the lighting, the FACE PAINTING! Can I get a redo on my wedding and do this instead! 😉 Great job on it all – looks amazing!

  6. Another Picnic Reception Bride

    Hi there,
    First off – love love love your wedding. I found out about it when I Googled “picnic wedding reception” because I too am having a picnic wedding! I’m so excited. In any event, I was so inspired by your wedding that I am interested in having our day at the Mill as well. It is perfect since we are based in the city and fear rain, multi-day set-ups, and other things that a New York park just can’t accommodate. Would love to pick your brain about your process for selecting the site and ask you things like, “Where did your out-of-town guests stay?”, “Did your friends who live in the city carpool?” “Did people camp there overnight?”, “Did you think about renting a chartered bus that everyone chipped in on to transport guests?”, etc. Can you tell that our biggest concern is making sure that guests don’t feel too inconvenienced since it is a ways from the city?

    • Hi! I’m happy to help in anyway I can! Our guests mostly stayed in Poughkeepsie at larger hotels near our rehearsal dinner location, and that was our room block, but some opted to find a place on Homeaway.com for a longer stay. A lot of our city friends carpooled on the day and the day before. It’s really only an hour and a half straight to the mill, so a day trip wasn’t a crazy idea for them. Others that wanted a vacay rented a house and acted like they were heading to the Hamptons for a weekend. No one ended up camping, but we gave them info on that as well. We let people deal with their own “getting there” as much as possible, because there was too much other stuff for us to deal with, especially with how DIY it was. You can check out our wedding blog if you want to snag more info: http://deliaandjeff.wordpress.com/
      Hope this helps!

      • Another Picnic Reception Bride

        Thanks so much! Super helpful info. The Mill got back to me, but they doubled (darn near tripled) the listed weekly rate once I said it was for wedding. Wasn’t sure if you shared this info or not, but this picnic bride would rather spend the money on food and libation for the guests. Alas. Back to the drawing board. I’m researching other out-of-the-city options. If you (or anyone else reading this) has recommendations for similar venues, please share away.


  7. That looks like a blast!! Such creativity. 🙂 http://www.coastalkel.com

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    completely explained, keep itt up all the time.

  9. Elizabeth

    Hello!! I’m getting married in September and love the picnic theme! What did you use to put the ice and food in?? Where did you find them?

    Thanks and such a beautiful wedding!

    • Hi! The tables are called “fill and chill” tables and we rented them from a party supply company. They are the same size as other rental tables but made of plastic, have about a 4 inch depth with a drain so you can fill them ice! Congrats and have FUN!!!

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  13. This is beautiful! Can I ask you a logistical question? How many guests did you have and how many blankets? I am worried that my 125 guest wedding will end up needing 70 blankets 🙂

    • Thanks! Our wedding was exactly 125 but we had 4 real tables for our older family members (with 10 chairs at each) and approximately 6 people per blanket. We had a few double blankets for larger families or groups but I’d say about 6 adults per blanket is a good estimate…somewhere between 13-15 blankets total. Good luck and Congratulations!

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