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So…I’m Pregnant…

Yeah…That’s the real one. Sorry, but I don’t have a cute “baby bump” photo yet!

…..Which doesn’t fully explain why I haven’t written or shared in a few months, but it will definitely explain why my blog will suddenly have a bunch of baby posts.   Truth is, I’ve just been locked in my Christmas factory for a few months.

The funny/annoying thing about being pregnant is that you wait so long to tell everyone that you have to suffer through the crappy beginning alone.   Once you feel safe making the big announcement, you are in your second trimester (or in my pal, Ernessa’s case, 24 weeks) and probably feeling a lot better, so you no longer need help or advice on things like how to sneak vegetables into your meals so you don’t know they are there.

After the jump is my personal first trimester round-up for those of you still in it or for those of you who will go again in the future: Continue reading

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