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Solutions for Nursing Dresses

nursing7If you know me at all, then you know I very rarely wear jeans and a t-shirt, feeling more comfortable and put-together in a dress, a necklace and cute shoes.   When summer rolls around, this is even more important to me as I wouldn’t be caught dead in pants on a hot New York City day!  The problem is, I’m having a baby in a few days, and nursing clothing is terrible.   It’s AWFUL…especially the dresses!  Apparently, you are only allowed to wear ruched jersey or pants with a button front shirt while you are feeding your baby with your breasts.  While this is definitely an exaggeration, I challenge you to come up with 7 outfits that would make you feel pretty or stylish that you can easily breastfeed in.  It’s really tough!   When I was a freshman design major in college, my friends and I made a pact to never end up looking like the seniors, wearing their dirty pajamas in public…and we never did despite being just as sleep deprived as they were.  We made an effort to put our best selves forward since we were designers, after all.  This is how I feel about being a new mom as well.  nursing4There is really no reason why you have to step outside looking as tired and disheveled as you may feel.  It is just as easy, if not easier, to slip on a comfy dress with sandals as it is to put on a nursing tank with yoga pants and flip-flops.  I can’t tell you how many of my mommy friends told me to stock up on “nursing camis” as if they had EVER seen me in a “cami” in my ENTIRE life.  I decided to remedy this situation by shopping in normal stores for “easy access” dresses instead of ones made specifically for nursing and then designing and making a few of my own as well.  I hope my “nursing dress” line up inspires you to step away from the old, sad stuff you feel you have to wear and think outside of the box when it comes to whipping your boob out in style and comfort at a moments notice.  Continue reading


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So…I’m Pregnant…

Yeah…That’s the real one. Sorry, but I don’t have a cute “baby bump” photo yet!

…..Which doesn’t fully explain why I haven’t written or shared in a few months, but it will definitely explain why my blog will suddenly have a bunch of baby posts.   Truth is, I’ve just been locked in my Christmas factory for a few months.

The funny/annoying thing about being pregnant is that you wait so long to tell everyone that you have to suffer through the crappy beginning alone.   Once you feel safe making the big announcement, you are in your second trimester (or in my pal, Ernessa’s case, 24 weeks) and probably feeling a lot better, so you no longer need help or advice on things like how to sneak vegetables into your meals so you don’t know they are there.

After the jump is my personal first trimester round-up for those of you still in it or for those of you who will go again in the future: Continue reading

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