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Your Next Christmas Mission

(I’ll be peppering all of my posts this month with my favorite things to buy this holiday season!  Click on the images to buy them yourself.)

Artwork by Erin Rachel Hudak. 100% of the profits will go to the Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund to help displaced animals after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

Rosella eco resin rings with gold flakes

It’s the second week of December, so here is your mission for this week: Get those cards and gifts written, packed and shipped!   I know it might still seem early to you, but I promise this is definitely the week to get your homemade cookies, cards and gifts out there so they arrive on time.  Shipping now means you can take advantage of First Class Mail (packages under 13 ounces) and Parcel Post (packages over 13 ounces), which is WAY cheaper than Express or Priority…and don’t be duped by Flat Rate boxes!! If you don’t have something heavy to send, this will sometimes be 5 TIMES the price of weighing and shipping normally.

This year, (after a huge baking disaster last year), I will be making truffles on Tuesday for some far away friends, so my photos and recipes will be coming soon!  Jeff and I had a hilarious time shooting our photo for our Christmas card this year and I promise to reveal it once I get the actual cards sent later in the week.

Gift Shop Brooklyn sparkly clutch.

Here’s my own To-Do list for this week:

  • December 10th:  Make truffle grocery list and shop for supplies. Photoshop labels for truffles.  Finish shopping for Jeff and Joan (my mom).
  • December 11th: Make truffles all day!
  • December 12th: Pack truffles and wrap.  Fill out Christmas cards and address. Prep to ship everything.
  • December 13th: Ship all Christmas goodies.  Make party grocery list and prep charts.   Pull together Christmas party outfit.
  • December 14th: Party prep.  Design and print food labels.  Start decorating house and set up photo booth.
  • December 15th: CHRISTMAS PARTY!  Prep and cook all day.

    This is our 2011 Christmas card "album".  Just a little teaser for what's to come!

    This is our 2011 Christmas card “album”. Just a little teaser for what’s to come!

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Santa’s Coming!

Flying Bear from Mt. Royal Mint

(I’ll be peppering all of my posts this month with my favorite things to buy this holiday season!  Click on the image to buy it yourself)

It’s officially December, so it’s time to ask yourself, “How far behind am I?”

Every year, you have a choice.  Embrace the crazy and learn to absolutely love it or complain for 2 months straight and make everyone around you miserable.  If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE IT and I have some ways to make things a little easier for you this month.   Do these three essential things (after the jump) this weekend and I’ll have more fun stuff throughout the month! Continue reading

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So…I’m Pregnant…

Yeah…That’s the real one. Sorry, but I don’t have a cute “baby bump” photo yet!

…..Which doesn’t fully explain why I haven’t written or shared in a few months, but it will definitely explain why my blog will suddenly have a bunch of baby posts.   Truth is, I’ve just been locked in my Christmas factory for a few months.

The funny/annoying thing about being pregnant is that you wait so long to tell everyone that you have to suffer through the crappy beginning alone.   Once you feel safe making the big announcement, you are in your second trimester (or in my pal, Ernessa’s case, 24 weeks) and probably feeling a lot better, so you no longer need help or advice on things like how to sneak vegetables into your meals so you don’t know they are there.

After the jump is my personal first trimester round-up for those of you still in it or for those of you who will go again in the future: Continue reading

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Party Planning: ALL Your Ducks in Row

The invitations are out…so now I just have to plan it!

As I started to plan my third baby shower of this year, I realized that I should share a bit of my process with the world since I have party-throwing down to an art form!  If you don’t know this already, soirees of all sorts are kinda my thing, from my own wedding to showers to our annual Easter and Christmas parties.  They all get the same attention to detail and I use the same paperwork for every single one.    My famous (within these 4 walls) party charts are after the jump! Continue reading


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