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(Another) DIY Birth Announcement

fredfrontIt seems like only yesterday that I was posting about my first baby’s birth announcement, but it has been over three years now!   I had a lot more time on my hands that year, so when I gave birth again this past October in the middle of getting ready for holiday sales and fairs, I figured there was no way I would be able to pull off an announcement for this second little guy.  One day, while working in my studio between feedings, I grabbed a roll of chalkboard paper, really just some black kraft paper, that I had lying around and quickly sketched up his details.   I set the camera without him in the photo and then waited until he was milk drunk to plop him down in the middle of the paper for a couple of shots.  It really only took a few minutes of his time and I love the result!

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Keep it Simple: Toddler Birthday Parties

G's first birthday!

G’s first birthday!

It’s officially been over a year since I last wrote so I thought the best new post would be George’s first AND second birthday parties, both simple (ish) and super unfussy.   But first, let me quickly explain where I’ve been!

We always suspected something might be a little off with G, so we have spent the last year in and out of many doctor’s offices, hospitals and early intervention therapies.  In the end, we discovered that he has a super rare chromosome disorder, so our future has a lot more therapists, doctors and appointments in it than the average family, but overall he’s doing great.

I plan on blogging elsewhere about everything I’m learning in that world, but for now, I’m back to sharing all of my projects, parties and delicious food with you!   More about these two parties after the jump.  Continue reading

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Raccoon Pillow Giveaway!

DSCN0804The fantastic online magazine, ParentMap, is giving away this adorable raccoon pillow from my new kid’s decor shop, Lord and Little!   Giveaway ends on Friday, May 9th.  If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up for enews for a chance to win it! Continue reading

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Product Review: DIAPERS!


First of all, don’t be fooled, this is not riveting at all and I am not paid to endorse any products.  I’m only here as a new parent to write about my personal experiences with some popular baby essentials.  This is stuff we use everyday and it can be daunting when you don’t know which to buy or try.   Remember, every baby is completely different, so I encourage you to read up on and try everything you are interested in and follow your baby’s cues and your own gut!



"I'm George. I'm a little serious sometimes.  And this is Linda, my very good lion friend."

“I’m George. I’m a little serious sometimes. And this is Linda, my very good lion friend.”

Baby George is now 9 weeks old and we have tried two different disposable diapers, Pampers Swaddlers and The Honest Company, both in size Newborn and size 1.  We found pros and cons for each that I’d like to share with new parents unsure of what to stock up on.  In general, if you change your newborn before each feeding, you will use 10 to 12 diapers a day until they feed more efficiently and then you’ll use about 8-10 diapers day.    Every teacher, friend and nurse told us not to bother stocking up on size NB because most babies would be in a size 1 in no time.  They were very, very wrong, so keep in mind that babies are FREAKING SMALL and you will use at least one bag of newborn diapers before growing out of them.  George wore NB until 3 weeks and only then did he grow out of them in length before width.   That’s 210 newborn diapers before we switched to size 1! Continue reading

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Cute DIY Birth Announcements

George's stats: Name, birth date (on the calendar), Gemini, weight (5lb. sack of flour plus 2 lbs. 14 oz. on the scale), time, and length (the ruler).

George’s stats: Name, birth date (on the calendar), Gemini, weight (5 lb. sack of flour plus 2 lbs. 14 oz. on the scale), time, and length (the ruler).

We got our idea for George’s birth announcement from an adorable and popular pin on Pinterest.   We spent two of his naps setting everything up on our dining room table, checking the lighting and camera and then we gingerly lowered him into the photo before he woke up to eat!  It was such a fun project for us to do in those early weeks, so it got me thinking about other cute birth announcements you could accomplish in your own home without a professional there to help.   Here are some other ideas from Pinterest! Continue reading


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Our Magical Woodland Nursery

IMG_8003We finally finished our magical woodland nursery and I am absolutely in love!   Rather than forcing the typical gender stereotypes (I mean…I don’t even know this person yet!),  I wanted to create a mostly unisex nursery that encourages a healthy imagination since that’s what I remember most from my own childhood.   We would gather around as my mom told elaborate stories about gnomes and fairies that my brothers and I fully believed and lived.  They were so magical and real to us that I wanted to start my own child’s life out with that same sense of possibility and wonder.    I combined stuffed animal taxidermy with a large painted mural of a magic forest, neutral furniture and the most modern-looking nursery essentials as possible.  I already posted about some of the elements in the room, but the final result below really brings everything together beautifully.  I hope you feel inspired to keep things simple, magical and woodsy for your baby too! Continue reading


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Frozen Food Month! (or two…)

All tucked away and ready for June!

All tucked away and ready for June!

Jeff and I decided to jump on the frozen meal train for our first month (or two) with the baby.  It’s incredibly easy to get any type of food delivered in New York City at all hours of the day, but the cost and calories are ridiculous when added up.  I decided instead of depending on the famously convenient city, I would plan a little over a month of food and snacks for us so we have minimal grocery shopping each week when the baby comes.   Unfortunately, our first month will be smack dab in the middle of farmer’s market season, so not only will we miss a bit of that deliciousness in exchange for quality time with the tiny,  but I also had to plan food that was summery without needing the seasonal veggies ahead of time.  It was quite the task!

This is the master list of everything we can choose from....who needs take out?!

This is the master list of everything we can choose from….who needs take out?!

I started by doing some research on Pinterest and creating a board with frozen food ideas.  The site Once A Month Mom also helped A LOT.  Since those recipes are broken down each year by month, I was able to narrow my choices down to May through July which ensured that I would be picking food appropriate for the season.  I wrote down all my ideas, separated them into breakfast, lunch or dinner and then narrowed them down by my favorites.

Yes...I TAPED everything in despite the fact that I am perfectly capable of using the computer!

Yes…I TAPED everything in despite the fact that I am perfectly capable of using the computer!

When it came to typing up the recipes, I first established what portion of the meal could be made ahead and frozen and what portion would be better fresh.  I typed the prep recipes separately from the “on the day” recipes which also included the grocery list for the fresh stuff.

The prep recipe is on the left and the recipe for Jeff to follow while I'm sleeping...;-)...is on the right!

The prep recipe is on the left and the recipe for Jeff to follow while I’m sleeping…;-)…is on the right!

I imagine each week we’ll decide which meals and snacks we want to have, and Jeff can just jot down the grocery list from each recipe onto a master list and hit the store on Sunday!  I’m really excited to have all of our food planned for June so we can focus on being new parents.  Now I just need to precook and freeze everything before I go into labor… 😉


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