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Delicate Milk and Rice Flour Pudding


Longing for something simple and creamy, we ordered “rice pudding” for dessert from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant one evening.   What we got was anything but simple and I immediately became obsessed.   After lots of recipe research, my best guess is that it is actually called Malabi, an Israeli milk and rice flour pudding.   The texture is smooth, creamy and soft.   It holds its shape easily like a flan, but the rice flour and rose-water gives it a light, delicately floral flavor.   The restaurant drizzled their version with a rose water syrup and sprinkles it with coconut and pistachios, but the flavors and toppings vary from recipe to recipe.   Once I found my favorite version of the pudding itself, I made it a few times to perfect my version.   It is extremely quick and simple to make…and our toddler adores it, so it’s a great recipe to introduce new and exotic flavors to a child who might be a little skeptical.  Continue reading


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