It’s Almost Easter (Pierogi) Time!

The two cakes were cheerful and modern!

It’s almost time to start prepping for this year’s big Easter party, which means it’s also time to share last year’s photos! I’m not going to lie…it was a hard party to prep as I was newly pregnant and still feeling pretty yucky at the time.  That also might explain why I forgot to take a photo of the food!  Luckily, it’s the same every year, so you can see a photo from an older post.   I’m so excited for this year’s party!  I’m thinking about doing a big tiered Easter candy cake and maybe some tissue paper dyed eggs…or should I bring back the Cadbury egg ice cream from 2008 and do onion skin eggs instead?!  So many things to decide!   Happy Spring everyone!

I glued paper ears and beaks to simple white plastic eggs for our egg hunt…tedious but adorable!

I always order a Honeybaked ham and it’s SO worth it.

I dipped pretzel rods into white chocolate mixed with white melting candies for brightness to form a nest.

I filled the nest with Cadbury eggs and used a couple bright shades of buttercream to create a watercolor effect.

The number of onions harmed in the making of this photo was A LOT.

We always form our pierogi on the morning of the party so all hands are on deck!

Ah such beauty.

I always use grocery store flowers for my arrangements. It makes it more challenging!

Aunt Anna’s Easter bread. It’s always perfect and it’s always gone in seconds.

Here I am with some of my gals!

One day he will kill me for this tradition but luckily this is his last photo alone!

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  1. Beautiful party – It makes me want to try pierogis this year. Your little bunny is adoarable.

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