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Our Annual Easter Feast

The buffet ready for devouring.

The buffet ready for devouring.

In a little less than a week, Jeff and I will be waking up early to start our annual tradition of making my family’s pierogies for lots and lots of friends for Easter.   We will hand form each one on Sunday morning and line them up in neat little rows ready for boiling, all the while teasing each other about our very different techniques and Jeff will insist that his seal is stronger.  Mine will be fat and round and his will be long and skinny… I don’t think I have to state the obvious here… it never fails to make me laugh.    This party is my absolute favorite to throw every year.  We have a wonderful energetic egg hunt followed by a simple, heavy and delicious meal that always makes me think of my family.    Here are some photos from last year!  Continue reading

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