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Time for Pumpkin Pie!

IMG_7628Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away!  Here’s a photo of my pumpkin pie from last year.  I always use the rolled Pillsbury pie crusts for cutting out decorations because they are evenly rolled and hold up nicely to intricate cutting, but I like a thicker, homemade crust for the base of the pie.   Click through for the recipe! Continue reading

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Grandma’s Peach Pie

My grandmother was “famous” for three desserts; strawberry rhubarb pie, peach pie and rice pudding.  I’m not sure she ever made anything other than these three things, but boy, oh boy were they fantastic!   Peaches are delicious and cheap right now, so get to the store and bake this perfect pie this weekend.  Continue reading


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Comfort Food: Monkey Bread

Every proper southern sleepover I attended as a child ended with orange juice and fresh, gooey monkey bread in the morning.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized it goes much better with coffee and that there was, indeed, a huge difference between the made-from-scratch kind and the biscuit-in-a-can kind.  When you’re a kid, sweet and cinnamon-y is always the bees knees, but later on, you just know what’s real and what’s not.    Continue reading


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