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Valentine’s Day Cupcake Sandwiches

IMG_8617 IMG_8618Last year, I couldn’t think of what to bake for Jeff for Valentine’s Day when I ran across an adorable heart-shaped Whoopie pie/muffin top pan in Michael’s and inspiration struck.  He loves red velvet cupcakes so I decided to make him a sort of whoopie-pie-cupcake-sandwich hybrid.   The result was gorgeous, super tasty and a less messy version of a cupcake to boot!   I used the Magnolia Bakery recipe exactly, so no need to reprint, but be sure to check the cakes often because they don’t take long when they are in a shallow pan.



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On the 10th Day of Christmas…Get Kitschy in the Kitchen!

IMG_0549It’s pretty rare that I get to bake elaborate and ridiculously fun things in the kitchen, so when Christmas comes, I like to go big…really big.   I had some leftover trees and a skiing Santa from the year’s snow-globe wreaths, so for our annual Christmas party, I made a ginormous ski slope cake bordered with a gingerbread cityscape and little candy house cupcakes!  I spread the baking out over a week to make it less stressful and it came out just how I had envisioned it…equal parts kitschy, homey and magical.  Continue reading

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