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Keep it Simple: Toddler Birthday Parties

G's first birthday!

G’s first birthday!

It’s officially been over a year since I last wrote so I thought the best new post would be George’s first AND second birthday parties, both simple (ish) and super unfussy.   But first, let me quickly explain where I’ve been!

We always suspected something might be a little off with G, so we have spent the last year in and out of many doctor’s offices, hospitals and early intervention therapies.  In the end, we discovered that he has a super rare chromosome disorder, so our future has a lot more therapists, doctors and appointments in it than the average family, but overall he’s doing great.

I plan on blogging elsewhere about everything I’m learning in that world, but for now, I’m back to sharing all of my projects, parties and delicious food with you!   More about these two parties after the jump.  Continue reading

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Holiday Party for a Crowd

The Christmas table, ready to be devoured.

The Christmas table, ready to be devoured.

This holiday party post is very, very late, but hopefully still helpful if you ever find yourself trying to entertain for a large crowd.  We throw two large annual parties, but our holiday housewarming this year took the prize for most guests next to our wedding!  Since returning to Los Angeles, we have found that our old friends have paired up and multiplied, making our two biggies (Easter and Christmas) even merrier!  It’s wonderful, but feeding 60 people can be daunting…so here are some tips on how to do that without breaking the bank (or losing your cool): Continue reading


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