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Halloween Birthday Party!

BOO!  Two white cakes decorated simply. This was by far the easiest party cake I’ve ever made!

It’s almost time to celebrate Fred taking another turn around the sun (2 years flew by!), so I thought I’d share his adorable little birthday party from last year.   We have a lot of friends with birthdays in October, so we decided to celebrate his a little late each year closer to Halloween to free up earlier weekends for other parties.  I’m sure someday he’ll insist on having a non-Halloween themed party closer to the actual date of his birth, but until he has an opinion about it, we’re leaning way in!  Who doesn’t love a costume party anyway?!  Here’s the round-up from his last party and I’m sure I’ll be repeating a lot of it this year because it was so stinking cute!  Continue reading

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Keep it Simple: Toddler Birthday Parties

G's first birthday!

G’s first birthday!

It’s officially been over a year since I last wrote so I thought the best new post would be George’s first AND second birthday parties, both simple (ish) and super unfussy.   But first, let me quickly explain where I’ve been!

We always suspected something might be a little off with G, so we have spent the last year in and out of many doctor’s offices, hospitals and early intervention therapies.  In the end, we discovered that he has a super rare chromosome disorder, so our future has a lot more therapists, doctors and appointments in it than the average family, but overall he’s doing great.

I plan on blogging elsewhere about everything I’m learning in that world, but for now, I’m back to sharing all of my projects, parties and delicious food with you!   More about these two parties after the jump.  Continue reading

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